It’s All About Leather

There’s absolutely no denying it. WE LOVE LEATHER.

I guess it comes as no surprise that our team at Kelly Clark England all have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to good quality leather and I’m sure many of you will have had a similar long standing affair with a certain leather jacket or two over the years…but, what is it about leather jackets that makes them so special?!

I guess its the fact that leather is so timeless, so versatile, so sexy and well so practical (not that the last point really matters). A good leather jacket can take you from day to evening. It can be worn with jeans, a classic T-shirt and your favourite sneakers, but just as equally can be thrown over a super sexy little number when your being wined and dined at a swanky restaurant or night out. (And yes, I did just call them sneakers!)

These examples are polar extremes of one another in terms of picking an outfit, but thats the thing about these little gems. Once you find the right leather jacket, it can quite literally take you anywhere. Leather is just so transitional.

Our leather jackets have always been our number one sellers, ever since the very beginning of Kelly Clark England. They have become our signature pieces and a big part of our brand today. The uniquely torn collar and cuffs. The soft Italian nappa leather that feels like butter melting around your body. The vein like tucks that curve to your natural shape to provide a neat, structured form. They’re ageless, timeless, classic… and a key piece for your capsule wardrobe all year round.

Here are just a few ways I like to wear The Signature Classic jacket. We’d love to see some photos of you wearing our jackets to inspire one another this weekend.

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Have a great weekend!


Online Revamp & New Blog Space

So here at Kelly Clark England we’re having a bit of an online revamp…

We’re “streamlining” (so to speak) to ensure that all of your favourite signature jackets & coats are brought together in a simple, easy to shop, capsule collection. At the touch of a button you can select your jacket style and colour to order which will be made up by Kelly and the team especially for you!

We’re also adding an exciting new blog space to be filled with topical discussions, our latest news and all things on trend.


watch this spaceWatch this space and enjoy!!!